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With my.awesomeBible begins a new generation of Bible study. Your new generation of Bible study.

my.awesomeBible takes a new approach for bible apps. We focus on communication and Bible study as real-time collaboration. Our goal is to connect people and give them the tools they need to discover and understand God’s Word.

Our mission ⭐

awesomeBible’s mission is to tell everyone about God’s awesome plan.

my.awesomeBible builds on that. With this project, we want to help Christians hear God’s Word wherever they are and be able to interact with it and share it.

We are not building my.awesomeBible for profit, but because it is something we want for ourselves. We built my.awesomeBible with the values we care about - community, freedom, and privacy - not to become the next Billion Dollar Unicorn.

We’re advertising a new generation of Bible study:

With my.awesomeBible, a new generation of Bible study begins. Your new generation of Bible study.

You can find out what it’s all about here:

Project structure 🍃

my.awesomeBible is a Nuxt app that uses Supabase as a backend.

The bible texts are provided by the OpenBibleProject as modules.

Contribute 🦄

Suggestions ✍

We need your help! For a project that is committed to being user-focused, we need feedback. A lot of feedback.

What do you need to focus on God’s Word? What is most important to you in sharing with others? What’s your favorite font?

No matter what it is, no idea is too silly, no wish too few.

Join our Discord community or write to us by email.

Development 🛠

Setup 🚀

Instructions on how to get started can be found here:

Design 🍥

Programming isn’t your thing? You prefer to design, draw or create? Then you can help us too!

If you want to help with the design of the app and individual features, join our Discord server. There we discuss such things.

Security vulnerabilities 🔓

If you encounter a security vulnerability, please don’t report it directly in our issue tracker - instead, please write us an email (feel free to use OpenPGP), a message to our Matrix account, or a Discord DM to darkshark9k.